Purpose of Position

Manages all aspects of an organization's logistics management function to control, deliver, and distribute products and materials to multiple Company facilities across North America in addition to Client sites. Implements an overall strategy, metrics, and processes to deploy an optimized logistic network and operations. Oversees critical and related inventory, distribution, and transportation operations that support the achievement of organizational goals and KPI's for product delivery and customer satisfaction. Selects vendors and negotiates rates and service levels and monitors performance. Ensures compliance with all regulations governing transportation of goods. Utilizes analytics to monitor and measure performance, identify problems in operations, and achieve high performance at optimal cost.

Essential Functions:

  • Shipping Coordination: Coordinate and oversee the shipping activities, including inbound and outbound shipments, to ensure timely delivery of products to customers and distribution centers.
  • Carrier Management: Develop and maintain relationships with carriers and freight forwarders to negotiate favorable rates and terms, ensuring cost-effective transportation solutions.
  • Inventory Management: Collaborate with inventory, warehouse, and purchasing teams to optimize inventory levels and minimize stockouts while reducing carrying costs.
  • Route Optimization: Develop and implement strategies to optimize shipping routes, reduce transit times, and minimize transportation costs. Routes to include significant movement of goods between Canada and the united states. 
  • Compliance and Documentation: Ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and documentation requirements for domestic and international shipments, including customs clearance and export/import regulations.
  • Performance Monitoring: Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor and evaluate the performance of shipping operations, identifying areas for improvement and implementing corrective actions as needed.
  • Continuous Improvement: Drive continuous improvement initiatives to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs within the logistics function.
  • Risk Management: Identify potential risks and develop contingency plans to mitigate disruptions in the supply chain, such as weather-related delays or carrier issues.
  • Inbound Small parcel: Analyze and negotiate inbound small parcel freight pricing.  Work with the supply chains teams to find the most efficient, cost effective method for inbound materials. 

Education and Experience:

  • Proven experience 5+ years in logistics and shipping management, preferably in a manufacturing environment.
  • Strong understanding of transportation regulations, customs procedures, and international trade compliance.
  • Proficiency in MRP and other logistics systems 
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.
  • Exceptional leadership and communication abilities, with the ability to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams.
  • Experience in cross border  shipping and USMCA import and export compliance within North America. 
  • Bachelor's degree in Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Business Administration, or a related field preferred.

Salary Range:

$110k-$145k annually DOE