IEM has been “delivering” electrical distribution solutions for over 60 years. But the term means more to us than just delivering your equipment. It starts by delivering a commitment to our customers that is more than professional, it’s personal. This pledge resonates throughout our organization, from management, sales and operations, all the way to our administrative employees and professional partners. 

Over the years, IEM engineers have met hundreds of electrical distribution challenges with designs and processes that lead the industry.   We’ve developed superior enclosures, added custom paint operations, and included density-based fully-rated copper or aluminum bus with in-house forming to maximize efficiencies.  All components on IEM equipment come from the best manufacturers in the world and are tested beyond accepted standards. 

IEM delivers quality. Our equipment is built to be reliable. Innovative designs, proven processes, superior materials, and in-house assembly by an experienced staff ensure that IEM delivers the highest quality product in the industry. The result?  Top quality products that not only do the job, they last. 

Flexible?  Without doubt.  At IEM, all assemblies are built in a single location so labor can be focused on any job or process regardless of the status of the others.  Building custom equipment is the rule rather than the exception, so changes can be made with less impact after manufacturing starts. 

IEM delivers trust. When you put your trust in IEM, you’re enlisting the expertise of an independently owned organization that has the stability, credibility, and confidence to deliver the very best electrical distribution solution for your company. 

  • ISO9001 Certified for its Quality Management System
  • Full Customization and Design Flexibility
  • Component and Metering Selection Options
  • Fully Rated Bus Based on Density Ratings
  • State of the art powder coating system provides an indoor finish that exceeds the 1500 hour salt spray testing requirement for outdoor equipment to 3000 hours.
  • Seismic Tested to Worst Case Response Spectrum
  • Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • UL or CSA Listed; Meets ANSI, IEEE, and NEMA Standards
  • Us Federal Contractor Registration – Verified Vendor

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