Custom Assemblies

Marina Substations

IEM’s superior design and engineer process allows for flexible
solutions to your inland and coastal environment application.

  • NEMA 3R Standard
  • Temperature Fans for cooling
  • Single and three phase models
  • Double wall construction
  • Ground fault monitoring system
  • Up to 1200 Amp Main Circuit Breaker with 16 Single-Phase Branch Circuit Breakers or 10 Three-Phase Branch Circuit Breakers


Emergency Fused Coordination Panels

  • Voltage – 120V – 600V; Ampacity – 250A and 400A
  • 65kA at 480V
  • UL Listed
  • Coordinated for emergency Loads
  • Main breaker, main lugs, subfed breaker – optional


Walk-in Enclosures

Custom designed walk-in enclosure designed for the protection of equipment for the outdoor application.

  • Allows any size layout or configuration
  • Built and shipped in one unit, no assembly on-site required
  • Installed and wired equipment to customer specific application
  • Custom paint and sheet metal fabrication per application


Generator Cable Tap Boxes

IEM’s generator cable tap boxes allow customized flexible solutions when safely connecting a facility stand-by power circuit breaker with a portable generator.
These pass through devices allow for customized solutions for your specific electrical requirements.

  • Rated for 600A applications at 240V or 480V
  • Wall mounted/pad mounted
  • Free standing
  • Lug and cam lock connections available
  • Power meters