Retrofitting existing and outdated equipment in your current facility will help improve the reliability and efficiency of your power system and help increase the capacity of your operations. Our team is experienced in the challenges that every retrofitting project brings. We can offer options from component upgrades to full system replacement.

Our experienced team will evaluate your existing site and equipment and develop a custom solution based on your requirements. We will work with you to get your facility upgraded and operating reliably and efficiently, while minimizing downtime, to fullfill your planned needs.

Assess Current Systems

  • Copper & Breaker Analysis
  • Control System
  • Site Quality


Design Enhancement

  • Modernizing Structures
  • Digital Integration
  • Remote Capabilities
  • Breaker Composition
  • Building Management System Assimilation
  • Full Custom Bus Bar Fabrication


Achieve Solution

  • Final Site Walkthrough
  • Retrofit
  • Zero to Limited Transfer Disruption
  • First-on Logic
  • PLC, HMI, & SCADA Support


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