Low Voltage Switchgear

IEM’s flexible approach to Low Voltage Switchgear enables the development of products that meet specialized dimensional and electrical requirements. Designs featuring industry leading components allow for a superior, fully customizable control and monitoring assembly that maximizes operational reliability while minimizing maintenance.Depending on technical and physical requirements, power circuit breakers can be mounted in a fixed or draw-out configuration. Indoor, outdoor non-walk-in and outdoor walk-in enclosures are available in an extensive selection of durable colors and finishes.


  • Voltage: 240V to 600V, Ampacity: 800A to 5000A
  • Up to 200kA at 480V and up to 100kA at 600V
  • Available in NEMA 1 and NEMA 3R outdoor enclosures
  • UL 1558 Listed
  • UL 1066 Circuit Breaker
  • Through the door breaker operation
  • Circuit breakers are available in various levels of interrupting ratings from 42–200 kA up to 480 volts and 100kA up to 600V
  • Circuit breakers of like frame sizes and interrupting ratings are interchangeable.
  • Front accessibility to control and communication wiring
  • Isolated access to all wiring
  • Large rear cable compartment pull area allowing maximum room for power cables
  • Bus provision for future equipment expansion
  • System designed for maximum uptime with low maintenance
  • Modular circuit breaker designed for easy addition of control accessories
  • Paint ANSI 61 – standard, other colors available as option


Low Voltage Switchgear2
Product Data Sheet
Technical Specifications

  • IEM Low Voltage switchgear meets or exceeds applicable standards including ANSI C37.20.1.
  • IEM Low Voltage switchgear meets seismic testing, circuit requirements as outlined by IEEE344 and ICC-ES-AC156.