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Integrated Solutions For Substations

Packaging and design services for high-voltage substations, switching stations, transmission and distribution facilities

IEM Power Systems is a premier supplier of electrical equipment and substation packages. We offer high quality individual components or a whole package incorporating all key equipment required for a complete, integrated substation solution at competitive prices. Our team has a thorough knowledge of substation design, as well as wealth of experience in material procurement, project management, and logistics of electrical equipment.

Substation Packages

A key strength of IEM Power Systems is our ability to engineer innovative solutions to meet the exact needs of each client.

IEM’s ability to manage changing project requirements combined with our capability to deliver the highest quality solutions, ensure that we are able to deliver a safe and reliable substation solution even where specifications have evolved during the design and build process.

We take a personal approach to managing the development of your project. Through close collaboration, we will understand your requirements and ensure the successful delivery of your substation package.

Complete Project Services Including:

  • Preparation of a Comprehensive BOM
  • Value-Engineered Alternative Solutions
  • IEM Power Systems Manufactured Equipment
  • Efficient Equipment Procurement
  • Periodic Scheduling Updates
  • Management of Equipment Logistics
  • Project Close-Out Documentation

Integrated Control Buildings

IEM Power Systems offers a rugged and durable pre-fabricated control building, integrated with the appropriate equipment for your specific application. These buildings are constructed with a structural base designed for either pier or pad mounting. They are engineered to meet your requirements for loading, environmental conditions, and include features that will be supporting the rapid installation and commissioning of this critical element of your project.

Our control buildings are assembled, wired, and tested prior to shipment. Depending on size, these buildings will ship as a single unit, eliminating the need for field assembly or interconnections. For larger buildings, multiple-section units will be required. Factory-trained professionals will assist with the site off-loading and re-connection of the shipping units.

Protection and Control Panels

IEM Power Systems will custom design your relay and control panels to meet the individual requirements of your project. From rack mounted equipment panels to switchboards and custom cabinet enclosures, we can meet your needs. Our panels are expertly wired to the engineering design requirements and verified through our rigorous Quality Assurance Program. Our equipment is examined during a series of inspections and is systematically tested to ensure proper, safe operation. On-site commissioning services are available to perform field acceptance testing, all necessary set-up and device settings programming.

IEM's switchgear offering is the highest of quality in the industry and offers the most flexible solutions. Manufactured in Fremont, CA, IEM’s switchgear product scope include:

  • Panelboards up to 600Vac, 250Vdc, 600A
  • Switchboards up to 600V, 12,000A
  • Low-voltage Switchgear up to 600V, 5,000A
  • Medium-Voltage Metal-Clad Switchgear up to 38kV
  • Unit Substations
  • Paralleling Switchgear and Control Systems
  • Arc-Resistant, Front Accessible Metal-Clad Switchgear

Innovative thinking and a flexible manufacturing process enables IEM to meet some of the most challenging electrical distribution challenges in the industry today. IEM’s unique manufacturing process moves the development of each project’s production phases along in parallel allowing for possible changes, promotes efficient integration and shorter cycle times. This flexibility enables IEM to handle projects that call for standard equipment and those that present unique requirements or a challenging time frame.

We can provide design and engineering support for substations, switchyards, and transmission lines through 500kV.

  • Initial Conceptual Design
  • Project Scope of Work
  • Preliminary and Detailed Final Design
  • Expected Project Schedule
  • Equipment Specifications
  • System Electrical Studies

IEM Power Systems is committed to being a valued member of your Team, providing equipment supply and logistics management solutions for your substation needs.