VESTA-AR Switchgear now UL Certified to Arc Rating Type 2B

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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Fremont, CA, June, 2011 – IEM, the largest independent full-line manufacturer of electrical and power quality equipment in the U.S., has completed UL-witnessed arc tests on Vetsa-AR Switchgear to arc rating type 2B to meet ANSI/IEEE standards at KEMA High Power Lab, Chalfont, PA. Vesta-AR had previously been rated to type 2A which meant that the equipment was arc resistant on all sides with every door closed.

Vesta’s upgrade to type 2B allows for operating personnel to open low-voltage compartment doors and work on controls while the equipment is energized without any fear of an arc flash.

“This is a significant advantage to critical facility customers in the data center and health care industries,” said Ashok Kulkarni, Vice President of Engineering at IEM. “Facility engineers and personnel can now work safely on control circuits in the low voltage compartment while the equipment is energized without having to wear protective clothing.”

Arc blasts can produce temperatures as high as 35,000*F, or almost four times the surface temperature of the sun, causing most materials to vaporize. An arc blast can spray molten drops of metal at dangerously high speeds. More than 2,000 people are treated for arc flash burns every year.

IEM is dedicated to continually deliver the highest quality products by meeting or exceeding ANSI/IEEE standards making Vesta safer while maintaining efficiency and operational reliability.

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