New VESTA-AR Arc-Resistant MV Metal Clad Switchgear Meets Need for Compact Assembly

Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Fremont, CA, November, 2010 – IEM, the largest independent full-line manufacturer of electrical and power quality equipment in the U.S., introduces VESTA-AR™ medium voltage metal-clad, arc-resistant switchgear with magnetically actuated VM1 circuit breaker technology that has a 24” X 96” X 60” footprint for applications with limited space. IEM’s patented design directs dangerous arc flash energy away from operating personnel to the plenum, improving maintenance safety.

VESTA-AR features full front accessibility to cable connections, breakers, and current transformers. Front accessibility can reduce rear structural clearance requirements to 2 feet (for ease of equipment maintenance), saving valuable space. Front and rear viewing ports allow maintenance personnel to monitor hot spots easily without any protective clothing while the equipment is energized. VESTA-AR meets or exceeds UL and ANSI C37.20.7 standards arc rating type 2A equipment (front, lateral, rear accessibility under normal operating conditions). Initial switchgear ratings are 15kV, 95kV BIL, 1200A & 31.5kA; arc ratings are 15 kV, 25 kA, type 2A.

Arc blasts can produce temperatures as high as 35,000*F, or almost four times the surface temperature of the sun, causing most materials to vaporize. A blast can spray molten drops of metal at dangerously high speeds. More than 2,000 people are treated for arc flash burns every year. Standard VESTA features like an epoxy insulated bus help to minimize arc flash accidents.

“IEM is proud to offer VESTA-AR to safety-conscious plant managers and consultants who require compact medium voltage arc-resistant switchgear for their operations,” said Don Kozerski, IEM VP Sales & Marketing. “Arc flashes can destroy equipment causing extensive downtime and requiring costly replacement or repair. Typical arc-resistant switchgear cabinets are very large with heavy sheet metal enclosures that require significant space. Alternative solutions can require an external arcing chamber that limits the configuration of components within the switchgear. Using state-of-the-art modeling analysis, and extensive testing, IEM has developed an advanced metal clad, arc resistant switchgear with a very small footprint to meet this growing client need.”


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Headquartered in Fremont, CA, IEM ( is the largest independent full-line manufacturer of electrical distribution and power quality equipment in the U.S. For over half a century, IEM has delivered customer-specific solutions to meet the ever changing power requirements of growth industries in North America. At IEM, tradition and technology still drive innovation. An experienced engineering staff and one of the most flexible design and manufacturing systems in the industry set IEM apart from standard product manufacturers.