IEM Successfully Completes UL Testing of New Arc Resistant Metal Clad Switchgear

Monday, March 29, 2010

VESTA-AR Datasheet  Download PDF

Fremont, CA, March, 2010 – IEM, the largest independent full-line manufacturer of electrical and power quality equipment in the U.S., recently completed testing of its new “VESTA–AR” 15 kV arc resistant switchgear to ANSI/IEEE standards at KEMA, Chalfont, PA. The new VESTA-AR switchgear has one of the smallest foot-prints on the market for any arc resistant 15 kV class switchgear. In addition, VESTA has full frontal accessibility making it convenient for applications such as data centers and other facility / industrial with limited space for medium voltage electrical equipment. VESTA will be installed at a data center in Phoenix in June 2010.

VESTA Specifications:

  • Voltage rating: 15 kV, 95 kV BIL
  • Current rating: 600A, 1000A, 1200A
  • Short circuit and Short time rating: 31.5 kA
  • Arc rating: 25 kA
  • Dimensions per section: 24”W x 60”D x 96”H


The VESTA switchgear successfully completed BIL tests at 95 kV, short circuit tests at 31.5 kA and temperature test at 1200A. Epoxy coated bus is a standard feature for the VESTA switchgear.

In addition, all required arc tests were completed at 28 kA at 15.6 kV successfully. The ABB VM1 breaker was extensively tested to ANSI/IEEE standards. The VM1 breaker is a magnetically actuated, vacuum circuit breaker proven to be very reliable across the globe in many applications.

VESTA also features viewing Lexan windows and infrared (IR) scanning windows, front and back, for ease of maintenance. The IR windows did not suffer any damage during extensive arc testing. Consequently, IR scanning of VESTA switchgear can be done without the need for special protective gear.

“Dick Cubbage and his team of test engineers and technicians at KEMA were of tremendous help during the extensive UL testing of VESTA. IEM extends special thanks to all KEMA personnel for their expertise and assistance,” said Ashok Kulkarni, Vice President of Engineering at IEM.



About IEM

Headquartered in Fremont, CA, IEM is the largest independent full-line manufacturer of electrical distribution and power quality equipment in the U.S.  For over half a century, IEM has delivered customer-specific solutions to meet the ever changing power requirements of growth industries in North America.  At IEM, tradition and technology still drive innovation.  An experienced engineering staff and one of the most flexible design and manufacturing systems in the industry set IEM apart from standard product manufacturers.